Moving Rates

How Able Moving Ltd. calculates the cost of your move.

All local moves are based on our hourly rates.  Our moving sales representatives are trained to help you keep your moving costs down by selecting the right amount of men for your moving job.  One of them will give you a rate and it depends on the number of men you need to get the job done in the least amount of time.  Sometimes an extra man will save time and end up costing less. Sometimes an extra man is not needed and would only add to the expense.  Seniors discounts, single mothers discounts and mid-month discounts are available, please inquire.

Hourly rates for 2016* :  applicable taxes not include (HST)

                                          May 1 to May 24                             $105/hour – 3 men and a truck

                                          May 25 to June 1                            $125/hour – 3 men and a truck

                                          June 2 to June 24                          $105/hour – 3 men and a truck

                                          June 25 to July 5                            $125/hour – 3 men and a truck

                                          July 6 to July 24                             $105/hour – 3 men and a truck

                                          July 25 to August 2                        $125/hour – 3 men and a truck

                                          August 3 to August 24                   $105/hour – 3 men and a truck

                                          August 25 to September 7             $125/hour – 3 men and a truck

*rates for moving subject to change – for 2 men and a truck deduct $25 from hourly rates – Sunday moving subject to possible moving premium on moving quoted rates – all moves within the GTA subject to additional maximum 1 hour of travel time added to total hours worked moving – all moves subject to minimum 4 hours  moving charge, including 1 hour moving travel time – all moves subject to moving truck fuel surcharge – pianos, hot tubs, safes, pool tables and other large/heavy items subject to $100 to $250 moving surcharge above and beyond hourly moving rates.


On long distance moves, you will be given a per pound rate and it is usually based on the items you wish to move and location that you are moving to.   An industrial scale determines your weight.  Your long distance moving driver will obtain a “certified weight ticket” from a government certified scale.  You may witness the weighing of your moving items.  It is one of your rights as a customer.   Per pound long distance moving rates change seasonally and depending where you are moving, range from $0.60 to $1.20 per pound.